Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 10 (11/9/15) IIha do Governador, Brazil

Elder Worthen and Elder Maja in Ilha do Governador, Brazil
Oi Familia!

Heyoo, how is everything gong in the wonderful state of AZ? How are my cardinals doing?? Just kidding I already know, I have a member in the ward fill me in. There are few people here that like American Football so I use them as much as I can to hear about the latest plays and stats n such haha :P You guys will probably need to spell chek literally everything I send. Im forgetting how to spell because I read in Portuguese and it is SOOOOOO different. The pronunciations and everything haha. Man Im not gonna lie, Portuguese is not easy. Im having troubles lately because i really want to express my feeling the best way I can and help people but sometimes it is just to profound for my vocabulary. Sometimes I wish I was serving a mission english speaking but other times Im super happy about it because I know this is where I am supposed to be and that I will improve and that I'm improving more and more everyday:)

So we have been blessed immensely lately, we have had the opportunity to teach lots of families and been receving tons of help from the ward. It's fantastic what a ward can do to help missionaries. My dream is to have all the members come to me an ask "How can I help?" Oh I would have so many things for them to do haha. This week I am giving a talk on missionary work and keeping the sabbath day holy in our ward. I'm pumped because I know this will excite our ward more about the work.

SO We have a couple baptisms marked pretty soon for the 21 I really hope they dont fall through because I've learned to love my investigators sooooo much and I know this will bless their lives so much so I pray every day  A TONNN for them. Hopefully I will have my first baptism real soon here :)) I will definitely send pictures of that :D

Lets see... Anything crazy happen this week.... Well I found a store inside of a favela that just so happened to sell mountain dew, that was pretty sweet haha, it wasnt the same flavor but it was still really good!!

I love you family, I love being a missionary.  The days fly by and the weeks too, Im going to be writing you another letter in what feels like a day but is actually a week haha. I cant even remember what day it is most of the time, they just blend except for when its Sunday. Anywho, tchau tchau for now, I love you! hahaha jk :P

-Love, Elder Worthen

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