Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 20 (1/18/16)

Apple Pie and Twister with Elder Miranda at Sister Lucila Gualberto's house. 
Mom you are my favorite person in the world!!!

Hahah ah man, the first thing I opened when I looked at my email was that meme about the packers fans and that immediately made me soooo happy hahaha. Mom, lets get down to business..

SO GOOD NEWS my package arrived! Ihaven't  gotten the chance top open it yet becuase its with another elder in my district but he's bringing it to our district meeting tomorrow so I can enjoy and celebrate christmas/Birthday in full tomorrow :D hahaha Im so excited, I want to see whats in it so bad. And Lets see.... Ah crap I forgot to tell you about my comp... His name is Elder Miranda, he's from Paraguay and he's super timid. Also on top of this I forgot to mention, ya boi is the senior companion in this one ;) hahaha Ugh but man he's very quiet its hard sometimes but we are working out all our little kinks together :) I figure... My companion is probably gonna have the same attitude as my wife so i gotta find a way to work things out haha, and the other thing is you cant divorce your companion. Life needs to be more like the mission.

Also, my comp like i said is from Paraguay and brazilians have a joke with people from paraguay that everything from there is super cheap and crappy and so my comp is always really salty haha he's gonna start saying he's from US :P And my investigators are good we have been having problems with bringing people to church but I prayed and fasted about what to do and we are gonna baptize soon. With me seriously, If I can get them in the church just one time I can baptize them. Not bragging but man I just need to bring them, to the church ahha. The names of our investigators are Gostavo, Claverson, Wallace, Miguel, and Jonas. All like men of the age of 25. I tend to teach them and young men/women best :)

 Mom I miss our long talks but man this will have to settle for just a little over 18 1/2 more months :) hahaha I love you, keep the great emails coming they are very much appreciated.

Your son, Elder Worthen

This letter found me doing incredibly well dad hahahah Oh my heavens my hands were sweating as I was reading this play of the cardinals and WHATTT the panthers only lost one game? what is this? Opposites day? Hahah It'll be a good game for sure, but the cardinals are gonna win the super bowl this year I can feel it in my bosom... i have a burning there.... hhahaha :P man it'll be the cardinals versus the patriots. My two favorite teams. Ah man, you guys gotta get on riley about this chloe girl I wanna see a picture of her... im starting to have suspicions that perhaps chlose doesn't exist... HAHAHA Just kidding :P

Love you dad, Elder Worthen

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 16 (12/24/15) Feliz Natal! Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas!‏ Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission

Amada Família

Que o amor e o Espírito Santo possam estar sempre presentes no seus lares,
E que o amor de Deus possa estar sempre vocês. Somos muito gratos pelas suas
Constantes orações pela missão, e por nós.

Oramos também para que o Senhor nosso Onipotente Deus os continue abençoando e
Guiando suas vidas e o rumo da sua família.

Amamos vocês, feliz natal e um feliz ano novo!

Com amor,
Missão Brasil Rio de Janeiro
          “A Maravilhosa”

Amada Familia

Que el amor e el Espiritu Santo puedan estar siempre em sus hogares,
Y que el amor de Dios pueda estar siempre com ustedes. Estamos muy agradecidos
Por sus constantes oraciones por la mision y por nosotros.

También oramos para que el Señor nuestro Dios Onnipotente les continue bendiciendo y
Guiando sus vidas el rumbo de su família.

Los amamos, feliz navidad y um feliz año nuevo!

Com amor,
Misión Brasil Rio de Janeiro
        “La Maravillosa”

Beloved Family

That love and the Holy Spirit will always be present in their homes,
And that love of God may always be you. We are very grateful for their
Continued prayers for the mission, and for us.

We also pray that the Lord our Almighty God continue to bless and
Guiding their lives and the direction of his family.

We love you, merry Christmas and a happy new year!

With love,
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission
           “The Wonderful”
Elder G. Morales
Secretário Executivo
Missão Br Rio de Janeiro

Week 6 (10/12/15)

This week Alek leaves the CTM in Sao Paulo Brazil for his mission in Rio de Janeiro. We did not recieve a letter from him on this Pday.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 19 (1/11/16)

Alek's new comp Elder Miranda 
Future missionary!!
Mommio doeee!!!!!
hahaha mommio I love you so much and the updates that you give me on the family. So me and my companion started an area of concentration in the little community and we are really pulling out results, we have a couple of dates marked for baptism on the 23rd of the this months and sadly no... i havent received my package yet but the lady that works in the office said that shewill  send me a call as soon as it arrives so i just wait anxioiusly for this freakinb phone call hahaha. Mom, guess what, Allie isall good  again! :) haha she is just having different feeling sometimes and it can be really confusing but its ok, its not distracting me. Im super focused and just want to baptize. Gosh heres the thing though lately i dont know why but I just dont have patience for literALLY ANYTHING HAHAH.... cAN YOU KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS THAT I CAN BE MORE CHRISTLIKE AND THAT THESE BAPTISMS CAN PULL THROUGH oops caps... But man I love you and the family so much, I got some straight fire pictures of the white dog that dadio sent me.. And man thats a shame you xouldnt go through with wade... Freaking cops... if you were in Brazil nothing would've happened, the cops here do nothing hahah. But thats so sweet, Im so happy and proud of wade did you guys talk after? How was it? You have a job yet?

I love you so much and Im working my buns off so hard here I'll send you some more photos this week :) 

Love, Elder Worthen

Week 18 (1/4/16)

hahahahhha Hey mom just kidding I know you are always incredibly busy with work and remodeling the house and such so you gotta do that.

But hey! We just started another new transfer, already working on my 4th with ANOTHER new companion in the same area! hahah Im gonna stay here forever! My missiob will be this ward. Goodness but its ok I love working here even thought this area is known mission wide to be the worst house for the missionaries in all the mission! HAHA Its ok though, honestly Im not here to stay in the house 24/7 and relax, Im here to knock doors, work with member, talk with people in the street and baptize!

This week was a little hard for me just because of the season ya know, its stinks when you in your house sleeping during the new years and you remember what it was like the years prior haha. But same time, we got invitied to have dinner with members so all is well, all is well. Mom, tell me about your life, always send pictures, I hear Briggs is getting pretty serious with this girl Jezerea, have you met her yet? also Hows the family, have you finally met Chloe? Is Sadie healthy and sleeping inside still? She needs to, she cant handle the outside, theres bugs out there.

hahah Momma i love you and hope you have an amazing week and always feel good :)

Your Missionary, Elder Worthen

Week 17 (12/28/15)

HaHAHA hey mommio Im doing super good too, I wish we could've had more time to talk too cause I have soooooo much to say :P It was so good to see ally'all  there, except allie, I got some news from saying that Im making things hard for her I guess which is kind of gay but I mean.... What can I do about it :/ But hey the exact same thing happened to me too!! Hahaha I ate sooooooo much food on christmas eve then I spent like all of Christmas just sitting on the toilet it was pretty rough :P

Life here is good, I have high hopes that we finna baptize again this week the names of my prospects are marcelo and mayra, keep them in your prayers that everything will be just golden with them and we can bring them in the gospel :)

 hahahah Isabel is so funny, I bet this girlfriend of rileys is imaginary... :P But I hear you have been getting sick a lot lately what this?:? get better! I love you and the family soooo much I want to skype more hahaha but oh well :P

With Love,

Elder Worthen

Week 16 (12/21/15)

We were able to Skype Alek this week so he didn't write a letter. Merry Christmas to us!!!