Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 18 (1/4/16)

hahahahhha Hey mom just kidding I know you are always incredibly busy with work and remodeling the house and such so you gotta do that.

But hey! We just started another new transfer, already working on my 4th with ANOTHER new companion in the same area! hahah Im gonna stay here forever! My missiob will be this ward. Goodness but its ok I love working here even thought this area is known mission wide to be the worst house for the missionaries in all the mission! HAHA Its ok though, honestly Im not here to stay in the house 24/7 and relax, Im here to knock doors, work with member, talk with people in the street and baptize!

This week was a little hard for me just because of the season ya know, its stinks when you in your house sleeping during the new years and you remember what it was like the years prior haha. But same time, we got invitied to have dinner with members so all is well, all is well. Mom, tell me about your life, always send pictures, I hear Briggs is getting pretty serious with this girl Jezerea, have you met her yet? also Hows the family, have you finally met Chloe? Is Sadie healthy and sleeping inside still? She needs to, she cant handle the outside, theres bugs out there.

hahah Momma i love you and hope you have an amazing week and always feel good :)

Your Missionary, Elder Worthen

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