Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 20 (1/18/16)

Apple Pie and Twister with Elder Miranda at Sister Lucila Gualberto's house. 
Mom you are my favorite person in the world!!!

Hahah ah man, the first thing I opened when I looked at my email was that meme about the packers fans and that immediately made me soooo happy hahaha. Mom, lets get down to business..

SO GOOD NEWS my package arrived! Ihaven't  gotten the chance top open it yet becuase its with another elder in my district but he's bringing it to our district meeting tomorrow so I can enjoy and celebrate christmas/Birthday in full tomorrow :D hahaha Im so excited, I want to see whats in it so bad. And Lets see.... Ah crap I forgot to tell you about my comp... His name is Elder Miranda, he's from Paraguay and he's super timid. Also on top of this I forgot to mention, ya boi is the senior companion in this one ;) hahaha Ugh but man he's very quiet its hard sometimes but we are working out all our little kinks together :) I figure... My companion is probably gonna have the same attitude as my wife so i gotta find a way to work things out haha, and the other thing is you cant divorce your companion. Life needs to be more like the mission.

Also, my comp like i said is from Paraguay and brazilians have a joke with people from paraguay that everything from there is super cheap and crappy and so my comp is always really salty haha he's gonna start saying he's from US :P And my investigators are good we have been having problems with bringing people to church but I prayed and fasted about what to do and we are gonna baptize soon. With me seriously, If I can get them in the church just one time I can baptize them. Not bragging but man I just need to bring them, to the church ahha. The names of our investigators are Gostavo, Claverson, Wallace, Miguel, and Jonas. All like men of the age of 25. I tend to teach them and young men/women best :)

 Mom I miss our long talks but man this will have to settle for just a little over 18 1/2 more months :) hahaha I love you, keep the great emails coming they are very much appreciated.

Your son, Elder Worthen

This letter found me doing incredibly well dad hahahah Oh my heavens my hands were sweating as I was reading this play of the cardinals and WHATTT the panthers only lost one game? what is this? Opposites day? Hahah It'll be a good game for sure, but the cardinals are gonna win the super bowl this year I can feel it in my bosom... i have a burning there.... hhahaha :P man it'll be the cardinals versus the patriots. My two favorite teams. Ah man, you guys gotta get on riley about this chloe girl I wanna see a picture of her... im starting to have suspicions that perhaps chlose doesn't exist... HAHAHA Just kidding :P

Love you dad, Elder Worthen

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