Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 19 (1/11/16)

Alek's new comp Elder Miranda 
Future missionary!!
Mommio doeee!!!!!
hahaha mommio I love you so much and the updates that you give me on the family. So me and my companion started an area of concentration in the little community and we are really pulling out results, we have a couple of dates marked for baptism on the 23rd of the this months and sadly no... i havent received my package yet but the lady that works in the office said that shewill  send me a call as soon as it arrives so i just wait anxioiusly for this freakinb phone call hahaha. Mom, guess what, Allie isall good  again! :) haha she is just having different feeling sometimes and it can be really confusing but its ok, its not distracting me. Im super focused and just want to baptize. Gosh heres the thing though lately i dont know why but I just dont have patience for literALLY ANYTHING HAHAH.... cAN YOU KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS THAT I CAN BE MORE CHRISTLIKE AND THAT THESE BAPTISMS CAN PULL THROUGH oops caps... But man I love you and the family so much, I got some straight fire pictures of the white dog that dadio sent me.. And man thats a shame you xouldnt go through with wade... Freaking cops... if you were in Brazil nothing would've happened, the cops here do nothing hahah. But thats so sweet, Im so happy and proud of wade did you guys talk after? How was it? You have a job yet?

I love you so much and Im working my buns off so hard here I'll send you some more photos this week :) 

Love, Elder Worthen

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