Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 17 (12/28/15)

HaHAHA hey mommio Im doing super good too, I wish we could've had more time to talk too cause I have soooooo much to say :P It was so good to see ally'all  there, except allie, I got some news from saying that Im making things hard for her I guess which is kind of gay but I mean.... What can I do about it :/ But hey the exact same thing happened to me too!! Hahaha I ate sooooooo much food on christmas eve then I spent like all of Christmas just sitting on the toilet it was pretty rough :P

Life here is good, I have high hopes that we finna baptize again this week the names of my prospects are marcelo and mayra, keep them in your prayers that everything will be just golden with them and we can bring them in the gospel :)

 hahahah Isabel is so funny, I bet this girlfriend of rileys is imaginary... :P But I hear you have been getting sick a lot lately what this?:? get better! I love you and the family soooo much I want to skype more hahaha but oh well :P

With Love,

Elder Worthen

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