Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week 8 - 10/26/15

 Selfie time! He might need a selfie stick for Christmas? What do you think??
Lets see this week had ups and downs just like every other week. We haven't been having much success because I guess the previous elder really broke the relationship with the ward so right now my job is to fix it. Its hard work, especially when you cant really understand what people are saying haha! I mean yes I'm getting better and better and praying for the gift of tongues every day but listen Portuguese is difficult!! Man oh man their is so much slang and conjugations that you GOTTA know or your just a fish out of water.
But Me and my companion  are really hunkering down trying to be PERFECTLY obedient to the rules and trying to always be worthy of the holy ghost. i love reading the scriptures when I have hard times. This week I ponderized the scripture Alma 26:27. That scripture is so good, you should read it if you have hard times. I understand now soo much more why dad would always turn to the scriptures whenever times are tough. They really are amazing. I love reading and sharing about them.
SO this week I met my first atheist, haha what a guy, it really is sad to think that some people believe that this is our life and boom over. And that we don't have a father in heaven at we are alone. That is not true at allllll. So sad I wish i could shove the book of Mormon into people brains. This gospel is so beautiful but people are so hard hearted sometimes and its really hard for me because I want to bring everyone back to the presence of our heavenly father. 
Momma, don't worry Imma keep sending letter, let me know when you get them and always send pictures of the fam bam or other things like Sadie, i lover seeing those :) Ok? alrighty.. 
-Love, Elder Worthen

Week 7 - (10/19/15) First full week in Rio!

 All is good in the world now!

 Ugh!!!!!! After you lose you lunch Because you saw this bathroom notice the electricity running to the shower head.
 Elder Worthen and his companion in front of his first apartment in Rio.

Ahhh Perfect. Ok where to start.... Im going to fill you in all about Rio and everything. So I met my new companion on friday. His name is elder Maia. Oh my heavens he is sooooo funny, we get along so good. He is a Brazilian from Northern Brazil and he speaks a little bit of English sometimes, mostly slang that he knows is rude and funny that toher Brazilians dont know. Like sometimnes in the street, we´ll be walking and he will look at a Brazilian and wave tat them and say "Hi, you are ugly!" Witha smile on his face the brzilians cant understand him so they just smile and wave back hahahaha. Minna nossa he is silly. Minna nossa means oh my goodness here.

So their are tons of cities inside the state of rio and we have like one the coolest its lik right next to a beach and its like in the heart of rio. Its not capcabana but its pretty dope. Its called Ilhea do Governador. The only thing that is kind of harh about the mission life is that the people od rio, like the city rio, have very hard hearts. They have a very hard time acceptinmg the gospel and believing. I dont know why but whenever we talk with someone from north or south brazil they are soooo kind and totallly willing to accept. ALSO Oh my hevans Jehovas witnesses are everywhere and they like to nothing but bible bash with mormon missonariues hha. Good thing My compoanion is experience cause Already like 5 times weve bible bashed and just destroyed them hyaha. He is really good with the bible and book of mormon. I just wish people could understand how awesome the gospel really is and how much it could bless their lives...

The language is good. Im lost buty not completely lost I have an idea of what people are saying but they talkk sooo fast and weith heavy accent and with lots of slang so its a labor of love but im praying and fasting to understand :)

Mirand is a smarty! I love her, whenever I had a problem with tech stuff shed help me out haha.  Mke sure she still chooses the right and bes a good girl and not kissing anyone. 

I will send another letter tomorrow but their isnt a post office here so I have to wait to see the mission president or have zone meeting to receive letters or boxes so if you want to send me anyting for christmas, you should do it poretty sooon , mountain dew is always accepted;))))

Also, the work here is about 50 percent reactivation and 50 percent baptizing at least right now. Its sad how many people were baptized than just left, so me and my companion are really working at it with family and otyher people to help them out. 

I love hearing about the things at home, you gotta dig some more on rileys new boo haha I need to know these things!! I want a picture os chloe and I must approve before he slaps that ring on it! Also, give him props for being a good son and having a bbq with you guys :P Anywho, |I ssent some pictures, the firls is a ton of fun, IUm loving it wow I walk like crazy fast too, I could probably walk as fast as people in america run :P Love you guy ttyl. Tchau!

-Love, Elder Worthen 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week 5 (10/9/15) Last week in the CTM

Sao Paulo temple


Oops already started it out wrong haha. Wow lets see this conference was soooooo good, i cried a couple time and thats how you know it was good. I got to watchin English still thank goodness but man let me tell you something... I love you mom. When Elder Holland got up and started talking about Moms and how their love is almost comparable to the love Jesus feels for us and that a mothers love is a divine thing... I was just thinking purely about you th whole time and sobbing like a baby. I want to watch that talk again with you when I get home. Lets see what else, I cant think of any other talks write now cause this prison called the ctm only gives me 45 minutes to write and I dont have my notes with me but Man the difference it made when I was dressed in my sunday best and not falling in and out of sleep when watching it was incredible. Its amazing how much more you can write and learn when your awake :) Lol.

So lets see even though this place is kindaaa like a prison I still love it. I made SOOOO many friends here, every time I walk around someone is calling me out by name and saying hey and Im just like I dont know you but heyyy partner!! Haha man this is the life, and I am loving it. I learn sooo  much like every day. THE SCRIPTURES ARE SOOOO GOOD AND THE BOOK OF MORMON HAS AN ANSWER TO LITERALLY EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER NEED. It feels soo cool to be with an investigator and their are telling me about their problems and Im just like BOOM read this scripture in alma or something like that and right after I just bear a fat testimony of it. Spiritual nuclear bomb right there ;) hahaha Just kidding.

HOly cow I cant belive I missed Miranda dance, I bet she such a fun time with Dean, I love that kid and HOLY COW in like the least weird way she looks freaking amazing like dang in her dress she looks like an actual woman! Thats just not right. And Isabel in her birthday pictures is nuts!! She is probabçy ruling junior high, her friends look super cool!! I wish I couldve been there but than again I dont really haha I leave for Rio on tuesday and I could not be  more excited.

I love you momma, I love you dad, Im sorry the cardinals lost, Im sure theyll bounce back we got bruce aryans, hes made of steel. I love you family you are all getting personal hand written letters in the mail and dont be afraid to send me those too because those are way cooler than emails.

-Love, Elder Worthen

Week 4 (10/2/15) 1 month down, 23 to go!!

Sao Paulo Temple with missionaries in the district

MOMMIO!! Hey sorry about that I realized I should be writing you more so Im making this a pririty haha I wish I knew how to type with more than 2 fingers :P By the way I need to know did you ever get any of my letters Ive been sending so far??? Ive already sent two but I dont know how reliable the postal service is here haha.

Ahh mommio I miss you ALSO I NEED TO KNOW have you been getting my pictures ive been sending??? 

Thats so good to hear that the family is doing so good, I missi daddio and mommio and isabelio and mirandio and rileyo so much. Well Ill tell you alittle bit about my life then because it is so much fun..

TIME FLIES BY here in the mtc, I cant even explain it to you, like no joke the days feel long but the weeks feel so short, I  know that makes about zero sense but youd understand if you were here! Thanks for sending pictures I love seeing the family so much, It makes me happy because for some reason I think everything is so different back in amercia but its literally like the exact same haha... Except for the election.. I hope trump wins that :P But yolo im in brazil.

Ah now church things, Im soooo excited for general conference like Ive never been this pumped for it before I love listening to devotionals and talks by apostles an such. Also, every investigator Ive had so far Ive been able to commit to baptism and its soooo cool mom like ill be teaching and then boom holy ghost takes over and the gift of tongues kicks in and I feel like Im not even talking, words that I barely even know I just remember and use fluently when im teaching. I try to be the best missionary i can, sometimes its hard because Ive always been a little cocky and prideful just a s a human. And the exact obedience you need to have as a missionary SERIOUSLY does a toll on you if you have problems with pride, you cannot teach you cannot have the spirit and you wont enjoy your mission. The natural man really is an enemy to God and if you think your a good teacher and dont think you need to prepare a lesson because your just that confident or you think you know what you want to teach but dont pray about it... The words will literally choke in your mouth, its happened to me once and it was the worst feeling of my life. Also when that happened I started sweating profusely so it was just kinda gross and sweaty hahahahaha :P No fun. 

But, asides that, im doing awesome her, i hope your getting my pictures and letters, I love the family so much I need to write riley back I havent really had a chance to write him anything yet so Ill talk to you later, the church is true and I love it so much :)

-Elder Worthen 

Week 3 - 9/25/15

I think I sent you pictures momma! I did it from the temple cause they are like the only ones who got that wi-fi heem :) By the ay, I buzzed my head cause it was suppeeerr hort and they dont have ac here, only fans! Haha SO i decided to buzz it and I llook like pedro from naspoleon dynamite but without the wig.
I love you momma, you are so hardworking, i Pray for the fam bam every night and I just work my buttox off. I Got to go proselyting this week and the amount of hobos and drunk people in the middle of Sao Paulo was CRAZY!! Also hilarious story, I think I might have givena book of Mormom to a mentally challenged person. Im hoping he was just hifgh but he was defnitely mental and I didnt even realize till after and me and my companion were laughing about soooo hard afterwards. Momma I love my mission, make sure the dad choeses the right, I know he can get out of line sometimes.... Haha just kidding I could so see everyone in my mind how you explained them. ESPECIALLY ISABEL, Shes probaly worjing that junior high life like nobodies business :P You make me prou, I hjope things get better with work, you dont really need to worry about me. I am haing so much fun, keep me inyour prayers still though, I could always use that :) I wish I could give you a massive long hug and tell you how beautiful you are, I really miss that... But its ok, I can just hug my compoanion hahaha He thinks im so weird sometimes :P Well, goodluck have a fun week :)

-Your missionary, Elder Worthen

Week 2 - 9/18/15

MOMMAAA!!! Haha I love you too much. I was gonna say holy cow I dont klnow what it iks about sister Nevin but she reminds me soooo m uch of you, just like her silly persionality and everything, she has been so much fun to hang out with in my district. And speaking of districts, big news! Im the new district leadrer!!! Its super cool, everyone look up to me and I love it. I really am trying super hard out here in  the mission. I have been praqcting language everyday, praying like crazy, choosing the right, and studying my scriptures. I just really want to be an amazing missionary!
Oh... My poor poor mommy :( I hope your ok, I know what its like to work long days hahaha I work 16 hours a day every day now :P It is the best time ever though. I got this new companion, his name is elder ross, hes likk 6´3" super white and playsd basketball with me everyday. Wer get along so good haha :) And I liek that goal you got set up for Riley and Briggs! By the way, I dont have Rileys Email. So either tewll him to email mer or send it to me because I gotta talk to the OG brother!! Haha hes so cool. I miss him so much but I bet hes doing so awersome in the apartment!! I cant wait to actuially get out to Rio, the people their have super weird accents, all their s's souns like sh's haha :P But mom Im so sorry, Imma try next week to hit you up with those pictures! I dont have my camneras rigfht now and I have like no more time to go get it. Ill make sure to find a way to send you some next week :) And by the weay, thats not funny what you said about white dog. She better be there By the time I get back. Also tell Allie to write me or give me her email too! Haha I love that shes becoming like a part of the family :P

Week 1 - 9/11/15

Hey!!!! Hahaha oh my gosh it feels so good to hear from you, my first week has been LIFE CHANGING, I havent been able to feel the spirit this much ever in my life! It is so great, I am always feeling in tune with the spirit, I have made so many friends, I am the senior companion in my trio companionship and My portuguese is coming along realllyyy well! Like suprisingly, I am able to get around and talk to people, The gift of Tongues is really coming in clutch right now and I am so greatful for it :) I hope everything is goiung good at the home, I got to go to the temple today in Sau Paulo, such an awesome experience. Ive also been eating a ton, but the only thing is that a lot of the food my stomach cant handl like, my tongue physiucally wont push the food down my throat because my body knows I dont want it hahaa. Its ok tho, I just ate this thing called a Egg-dog-master. THIS MASSIVE CONCAUCTION of hotdogs, eggs, bacon, ect. It was froma food truck and the guy basivally handed me diabetes in a bun. So good tho. I love you guys at homes so much, sorry too if my typing is bad, Im trying to type to you so fast that I am not even spell checking bc this brazilian computer thinks that everything I am saying is incorrect on spell check haha. Make sure you guys dont get rid of Sadie, I love that dog and I look at the pictures which you snuck into my bg that I was incredibly happy about to see:) Haha im gonna be honest I cry when I feel the spirit and I am a pretty ugly cryer.... I have been really ugly lately :P Mommio, make sure to send me pictures, I have been taking saome but I cant sne d them from the CTM. So once I get out Ill totally hook it uppp. GUESS WHAT?! I finished the BoM while  I was here for the first time ever and I fel soo good to read it all. Anywho, I gotta go write me next P-day!! Love you soo much.

 -Elder Worthen

Arrival to Brazil - 9/2/15

Hey Mom and Dad and Family!! I finally made it to Brazil. The flight
felt like a million years and the eceonomy seating was harsh on my
long legs but I managed! haha. Im so excited to start learning
portuguese tomorrow, all I have done so far is get settled, they told
me to write you guys to let you know that I made it here safely! So I
did. I got to read a ton of scriptures while on the plane also, it was
nice. The best part however was getting to meet up with the other
American missionaries heading to Brazil also. I met this guy named
Elder Hurst, he is a real stand up guy and I think we are gonna be
good friends in the MTC. I havent started studying yet, but let me
tell you one thing I have figured out already, and that is that they
feed you REALLL GOOD here haha. My goal is to gain about 15 pounds and
I will keep you updated on how that comes along. Anywho, Im very
excited for this adventue to begin, I will be keeping a journal also.
Hey sorry mom, I cant send pictures from the MTC, the computers are
too bad, I keep lagging :P Love you guys, I´ll keep you posted :)
                                  Love, Elder Worthen