Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week 8 - 10/26/15

 Selfie time! He might need a selfie stick for Christmas? What do you think??
Lets see this week had ups and downs just like every other week. We haven't been having much success because I guess the previous elder really broke the relationship with the ward so right now my job is to fix it. Its hard work, especially when you cant really understand what people are saying haha! I mean yes I'm getting better and better and praying for the gift of tongues every day but listen Portuguese is difficult!! Man oh man their is so much slang and conjugations that you GOTTA know or your just a fish out of water.
But Me and my companion  are really hunkering down trying to be PERFECTLY obedient to the rules and trying to always be worthy of the holy ghost. i love reading the scriptures when I have hard times. This week I ponderized the scripture Alma 26:27. That scripture is so good, you should read it if you have hard times. I understand now soo much more why dad would always turn to the scriptures whenever times are tough. They really are amazing. I love reading and sharing about them.
SO this week I met my first atheist, haha what a guy, it really is sad to think that some people believe that this is our life and boom over. And that we don't have a father in heaven at we are alone. That is not true at allllll. So sad I wish i could shove the book of Mormon into people brains. This gospel is so beautiful but people are so hard hearted sometimes and its really hard for me because I want to bring everyone back to the presence of our heavenly father. 
Momma, don't worry Imma keep sending letter, let me know when you get them and always send pictures of the fam bam or other things like Sadie, i lover seeing those :) Ok? alrighty.. 
-Love, Elder Worthen

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