Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week 4 (10/2/15) 1 month down, 23 to go!!

Sao Paulo Temple with missionaries in the district

MOMMIO!! Hey sorry about that I realized I should be writing you more so Im making this a pririty haha I wish I knew how to type with more than 2 fingers :P By the way I need to know did you ever get any of my letters Ive been sending so far??? Ive already sent two but I dont know how reliable the postal service is here haha.

Ahh mommio I miss you ALSO I NEED TO KNOW have you been getting my pictures ive been sending??? 

Thats so good to hear that the family is doing so good, I missi daddio and mommio and isabelio and mirandio and rileyo so much. Well Ill tell you alittle bit about my life then because it is so much fun..

TIME FLIES BY here in the mtc, I cant even explain it to you, like no joke the days feel long but the weeks feel so short, I  know that makes about zero sense but youd understand if you were here! Thanks for sending pictures I love seeing the family so much, It makes me happy because for some reason I think everything is so different back in amercia but its literally like the exact same haha... Except for the election.. I hope trump wins that :P But yolo im in brazil.

Ah now church things, Im soooo excited for general conference like Ive never been this pumped for it before I love listening to devotionals and talks by apostles an such. Also, every investigator Ive had so far Ive been able to commit to baptism and its soooo cool mom like ill be teaching and then boom holy ghost takes over and the gift of tongues kicks in and I feel like Im not even talking, words that I barely even know I just remember and use fluently when im teaching. I try to be the best missionary i can, sometimes its hard because Ive always been a little cocky and prideful just a s a human. And the exact obedience you need to have as a missionary SERIOUSLY does a toll on you if you have problems with pride, you cannot teach you cannot have the spirit and you wont enjoy your mission. The natural man really is an enemy to God and if you think your a good teacher and dont think you need to prepare a lesson because your just that confident or you think you know what you want to teach but dont pray about it... The words will literally choke in your mouth, its happened to me once and it was the worst feeling of my life. Also when that happened I started sweating profusely so it was just kinda gross and sweaty hahahahaha :P No fun. 

But, asides that, im doing awesome her, i hope your getting my pictures and letters, I love the family so much I need to write riley back I havent really had a chance to write him anything yet so Ill talk to you later, the church is true and I love it so much :)

-Elder Worthen 

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