Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week 3 - 9/25/15

I think I sent you pictures momma! I did it from the temple cause they are like the only ones who got that wi-fi heem :) By the ay, I buzzed my head cause it was suppeeerr hort and they dont have ac here, only fans! Haha SO i decided to buzz it and I llook like pedro from naspoleon dynamite but without the wig.
I love you momma, you are so hardworking, i Pray for the fam bam every night and I just work my buttox off. I Got to go proselyting this week and the amount of hobos and drunk people in the middle of Sao Paulo was CRAZY!! Also hilarious story, I think I might have givena book of Mormom to a mentally challenged person. Im hoping he was just hifgh but he was defnitely mental and I didnt even realize till after and me and my companion were laughing about soooo hard afterwards. Momma I love my mission, make sure the dad choeses the right, I know he can get out of line sometimes.... Haha just kidding I could so see everyone in my mind how you explained them. ESPECIALLY ISABEL, Shes probaly worjing that junior high life like nobodies business :P You make me prou, I hjope things get better with work, you dont really need to worry about me. I am haing so much fun, keep me inyour prayers still though, I could always use that :) I wish I could give you a massive long hug and tell you how beautiful you are, I really miss that... But its ok, I can just hug my compoanion hahaha He thinks im so weird sometimes :P Well, goodluck have a fun week :)

-Your missionary, Elder Worthen

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