Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week 2 - 9/18/15

MOMMAAA!!! Haha I love you too much. I was gonna say holy cow I dont klnow what it iks about sister Nevin but she reminds me soooo m uch of you, just like her silly persionality and everything, she has been so much fun to hang out with in my district. And speaking of districts, big news! Im the new district leadrer!!! Its super cool, everyone look up to me and I love it. I really am trying super hard out here in  the mission. I have been praqcting language everyday, praying like crazy, choosing the right, and studying my scriptures. I just really want to be an amazing missionary!
Oh... My poor poor mommy :( I hope your ok, I know what its like to work long days hahaha I work 16 hours a day every day now :P It is the best time ever though. I got this new companion, his name is elder ross, hes likk 6´3" super white and playsd basketball with me everyday. Wer get along so good haha :) And I liek that goal you got set up for Riley and Briggs! By the way, I dont have Rileys Email. So either tewll him to email mer or send it to me because I gotta talk to the OG brother!! Haha hes so cool. I miss him so much but I bet hes doing so awersome in the apartment!! I cant wait to actuially get out to Rio, the people their have super weird accents, all their s's souns like sh's haha :P But mom Im so sorry, Imma try next week to hit you up with those pictures! I dont have my camneras rigfht now and I have like no more time to go get it. Ill make sure to find a way to send you some next week :) And by the weay, thats not funny what you said about white dog. She better be there By the time I get back. Also tell Allie to write me or give me her email too! Haha I love that shes becoming like a part of the family :P

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