Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week 5 (10/9/15) Last week in the CTM

Sao Paulo temple


Oops already started it out wrong haha. Wow lets see this conference was soooooo good, i cried a couple time and thats how you know it was good. I got to watchin English still thank goodness but man let me tell you something... I love you mom. When Elder Holland got up and started talking about Moms and how their love is almost comparable to the love Jesus feels for us and that a mothers love is a divine thing... I was just thinking purely about you th whole time and sobbing like a baby. I want to watch that talk again with you when I get home. Lets see what else, I cant think of any other talks write now cause this prison called the ctm only gives me 45 minutes to write and I dont have my notes with me but Man the difference it made when I was dressed in my sunday best and not falling in and out of sleep when watching it was incredible. Its amazing how much more you can write and learn when your awake :) Lol.

So lets see even though this place is kindaaa like a prison I still love it. I made SOOOO many friends here, every time I walk around someone is calling me out by name and saying hey and Im just like I dont know you but heyyy partner!! Haha man this is the life, and I am loving it. I learn sooo  much like every day. THE SCRIPTURES ARE SOOOO GOOD AND THE BOOK OF MORMON HAS AN ANSWER TO LITERALLY EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER NEED. It feels soo cool to be with an investigator and their are telling me about their problems and Im just like BOOM read this scripture in alma or something like that and right after I just bear a fat testimony of it. Spiritual nuclear bomb right there ;) hahaha Just kidding.

HOly cow I cant belive I missed Miranda dance, I bet she such a fun time with Dean, I love that kid and HOLY COW in like the least weird way she looks freaking amazing like dang in her dress she looks like an actual woman! Thats just not right. And Isabel in her birthday pictures is nuts!! She is probabçy ruling junior high, her friends look super cool!! I wish I couldve been there but than again I dont really haha I leave for Rio on tuesday and I could not be  more excited.

I love you momma, I love you dad, Im sorry the cardinals lost, Im sure theyll bounce back we got bruce aryans, hes made of steel. I love you family you are all getting personal hand written letters in the mail and dont be afraid to send me those too because those are way cooler than emails.

-Love, Elder Worthen

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