Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week 7 - (10/19/15) First full week in Rio!

 All is good in the world now!

 Ugh!!!!!! After you lose you lunch Because you saw this bathroom notice the electricity running to the shower head.
 Elder Worthen and his companion in front of his first apartment in Rio.

Ahhh Perfect. Ok where to start.... Im going to fill you in all about Rio and everything. So I met my new companion on friday. His name is elder Maia. Oh my heavens he is sooooo funny, we get along so good. He is a Brazilian from Northern Brazil and he speaks a little bit of English sometimes, mostly slang that he knows is rude and funny that toher Brazilians dont know. Like sometimnes in the street, we´ll be walking and he will look at a Brazilian and wave tat them and say "Hi, you are ugly!" Witha smile on his face the brzilians cant understand him so they just smile and wave back hahahaha. Minna nossa he is silly. Minna nossa means oh my goodness here.

So their are tons of cities inside the state of rio and we have like one the coolest its lik right next to a beach and its like in the heart of rio. Its not capcabana but its pretty dope. Its called Ilhea do Governador. The only thing that is kind of harh about the mission life is that the people od rio, like the city rio, have very hard hearts. They have a very hard time acceptinmg the gospel and believing. I dont know why but whenever we talk with someone from north or south brazil they are soooo kind and totallly willing to accept. ALSO Oh my hevans Jehovas witnesses are everywhere and they like to nothing but bible bash with mormon missonariues hha. Good thing My compoanion is experience cause Already like 5 times weve bible bashed and just destroyed them hyaha. He is really good with the bible and book of mormon. I just wish people could understand how awesome the gospel really is and how much it could bless their lives...

The language is good. Im lost buty not completely lost I have an idea of what people are saying but they talkk sooo fast and weith heavy accent and with lots of slang so its a labor of love but im praying and fasting to understand :)

Mirand is a smarty! I love her, whenever I had a problem with tech stuff shed help me out haha.  Mke sure she still chooses the right and bes a good girl and not kissing anyone. 

I will send another letter tomorrow but their isnt a post office here so I have to wait to see the mission president or have zone meeting to receive letters or boxes so if you want to send me anyting for christmas, you should do it poretty sooon , mountain dew is always accepted;))))

Also, the work here is about 50 percent reactivation and 50 percent baptizing at least right now. Its sad how many people were baptized than just left, so me and my companion are really working at it with family and otyher people to help them out. 

I love hearing about the things at home, you gotta dig some more on rileys new boo haha I need to know these things!! I want a picture os chloe and I must approve before he slaps that ring on it! Also, give him props for being a good son and having a bbq with you guys :P Anywho, |I ssent some pictures, the firls is a ton of fun, IUm loving it wow I walk like crazy fast too, I could probably walk as fast as people in america run :P Love you guy ttyl. Tchau!

-Love, Elder Worthen 

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