Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week 1 - 9/11/15

Hey!!!! Hahaha oh my gosh it feels so good to hear from you, my first week has been LIFE CHANGING, I havent been able to feel the spirit this much ever in my life! It is so great, I am always feeling in tune with the spirit, I have made so many friends, I am the senior companion in my trio companionship and My portuguese is coming along realllyyy well! Like suprisingly, I am able to get around and talk to people, The gift of Tongues is really coming in clutch right now and I am so greatful for it :) I hope everything is goiung good at the home, I got to go to the temple today in Sau Paulo, such an awesome experience. Ive also been eating a ton, but the only thing is that a lot of the food my stomach cant handl like, my tongue physiucally wont push the food down my throat because my body knows I dont want it hahaa. Its ok tho, I just ate this thing called a Egg-dog-master. THIS MASSIVE CONCAUCTION of hotdogs, eggs, bacon, ect. It was froma food truck and the guy basivally handed me diabetes in a bun. So good tho. I love you guys at homes so much, sorry too if my typing is bad, Im trying to type to you so fast that I am not even spell checking bc this brazilian computer thinks that everything I am saying is incorrect on spell check haha. Make sure you guys dont get rid of Sadie, I love that dog and I look at the pictures which you snuck into my bg that I was incredibly happy about to see:) Haha im gonna be honest I cry when I feel the spirit and I am a pretty ugly cryer.... I have been really ugly lately :P Mommio, make sure to send me pictures, I have been taking saome but I cant sne d them from the CTM. So once I get out Ill totally hook it uppp. GUESS WHAT?! I finished the BoM while  I was here for the first time ever and I fel soo good to read it all. Anywho, I gotta go write me next P-day!! Love you soo much.

 -Elder Worthen

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