Sunday, October 11, 2015

Arrival to Brazil - 9/2/15

Hey Mom and Dad and Family!! I finally made it to Brazil. The flight
felt like a million years and the eceonomy seating was harsh on my
long legs but I managed! haha. Im so excited to start learning
portuguese tomorrow, all I have done so far is get settled, they told
me to write you guys to let you know that I made it here safely! So I
did. I got to read a ton of scriptures while on the plane also, it was
nice. The best part however was getting to meet up with the other
American missionaries heading to Brazil also. I met this guy named
Elder Hurst, he is a real stand up guy and I think we are gonna be
good friends in the MTC. I havent started studying yet, but let me
tell you one thing I have figured out already, and that is that they
feed you REALLL GOOD here haha. My goal is to gain about 15 pounds and
I will keep you updated on how that comes along. Anywho, Im very
excited for this adventue to begin, I will be keeping a journal also.
Hey sorry mom, I cant send pictures from the MTC, the computers are
too bad, I keep lagging :P Love you guys, I´ll keep you posted :)
                                  Love, Elder Worthen

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