Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week 9 (11/02/15)

Illha do Governador, Brazil (Governors Island) 

Oh noooo.... Mom Im guilty... I waited till last minute to write this to you.. Im so sorry! 
Ah thats so cool, you guys sooo deserve that cruise. That sounds like so much fun I cant even imgagine haha. Mom im ma be straight with you...These past weeks were really hard with the language and our members and investigators and everything. Its fun but really hard. This week things are finally turning around. Ahh its so great, I got to meet a lot of new investigators, we have alot more help from the ward, the bishop is helping us too, things are really turning up here!! And my language is turning out amazing too!!! Hahaha Its amazing how great the gift of tongues is. Imunderstanding  soooo much more now, I love it and I know its because of the help from our Heavenly Father. I have fasted and prayed a lot for this help. I still need help Im not fluent but it is definitely improving :) 

I love getting the chance to bear my testimony all the time I feel the spirit every time I do it. GUESS WHAT?@! I'm giving a talk this next next Sunday in our ward already haha crazy stuff! 

Ahhhh I wish i had more time. I think thats cooking show is so dope with Melody and the fam, they sound like they are doing so good especially  Wade:)
Love you gotta go

-Elder Worthen

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