Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week 13 (November 30, 2015)

Laercio's baptism

My new comp, Elder DaMaia

(I was sick this week so I had Dave write lol, thankfully he "forgave" me without guilt)

This one goes out to the one I love, 
Hey mommio haha, I almost forgot to write you this week because when I opened my inbox I didnt have a letter from you :P Well, i forgive you.. I mean Im only doing the most important work in the world out here in the world and you forgot to write me... Its totally cool though i can undersatand! :) haha Imjust  playing with you. But man I am so jealous of you guys haha that cruise looked so refreshing, I would love cruise right about now. I would actually love a lot of things right about now... Like a warm shower oh my goodness that would be nice.. Also ranch dressing haha they only use vinegar and salt here for the vegetable like what is this?! I need some hidden valley!!

Speaking of things I need mom, I have been traveling a lot lately because I am in the choir for our mission, its super fun but traveling isnt free and I like food... SO could you put some money on my debit card, I would very much appreciate it and the dollar goes a long way here. SO if you just put like 50 bucks on it for this month I would gladly accept :)

Also, hows my package coming along? Did you already send it? If not you should real  quick cause that thing finna take a good amount of time to get here.. Also, have you received any more letters from me lately? I hope so this freaking mail here is so slow haha!

Momma, my new comp is so legit, Ill send you some pictures soon of me and him we have good times together :) I gotta go, love you to the moon and back

-Elder Worthen

Oh man Ok lets get started... Things that I miss from the USA.... First of, Taco Bell, holy cow, and Mountain Dew.... Oh my goodness have mercy, the things I would do for a Mountain dew... Also, Hot N Spicy McChickens from McDonalds.. That would be phenomenal right now haha. The main type of food we get fed here is rice, beans, and some sort of meat, usually steak. And then there is always a dessert of some sort. Holy cow daddio, I love hearing about the Cardinals and everything. Especially the cardinals... hahaha and its different here yo, their lunches are like our dinners. So we have lunch appointments not dinners. Dinners here for me are usually like sweet bread or cookies haha :P Something easy. Life is going so good for me though, I love you and hope to hear from you next week too :)

-Love, Elder Worthen

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