Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Week 15 (December 14, 2015)

How are you? I hope you are doing swell, I Heard that you sent me a box already!! AHHHHH Hhaha im so excted I really hope it makes it here, I finna be devastated if it doesnt...

But Look here momma, good news is coming your way... This week we had another baptism and oh man it was good, the name of her was Marcela... I forgot last like 5 names to her but so good, we are really accelerated the work here and doing just great. (I can see that his English is getting mixed up as he is starting to think in Portuguese)

So Listen, Im the choir right? And everytime they close a firseide with a prayer from someone in the audience.. Just random.. So this guy was chosen to pray and this was the best prayer I have ever heard in my life haha... During the prayer he referenced AND QUOTED the scriptures John 3:16 and Jeremiah 1:7 and instead of saying in the name of Jesus Christ amen, he just jumped right to it and shouts AMEN!!! hahaha I was dying.. But he had like one of those backrounds of the churches that yell when they teach so this was normal for him.

Momma life is so great, Im so excited to see my momma on Christmas, and hey if its ok with you I would like Briggs and Allie and Wade there too also. That would be soooo legit :)) If not ok... But thats it!

Also, Brazilians are really bad singers holy cow just thought I'd throw that out there haha, also, todat my companion and I super duty cleaned our house it was amazing it took so long, that house hadn't been cleaned in centuries. We grinch bagged everything, thats what I learned how to do from Dad haha. 

I love you and the family sooo much, I hope everything is just phenomenal there.

Love your son, Elder Worthen

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