Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 14 (December 7, 2015)


hahah Yay you wrote me this week! :) I cannot get enough pictures or stuff to read from you I love getting updated on all thats going on back in the beautiful country of America. Man so nice.. Hahaha Momma listen up yes i can see Christ the Redeemer statue but its not very clear im a couple miles away but on the very last day of my mission I get to go to the very top and visit it! :D

Ok, quick story... I feel like my calling here is to help all the youth come into the church and be baptized, maybe or maybe not but I continually find myself meeting and teaching youth. I hope so because then i will catch them, at an age where they can still serve a mission and my prosperity of my mission will be GRANDNORMOUS! Haha But the name of the young man I baptized was Juan Pablo Carvalho Gomez Da Silva.... Quite long eh? haha But super cool kid, I think that working with him we will baptize a lot of the kids in his community, because everyone there looks up to him!

Ah man Mom you made me litereally LOL when you just said finna, i still use that you already know! haha and yah I was a little saddened when I heard that the Kelloggs are already moving but its ok, after the mission Briggs finna move in with me I dont know where but we are probably gonna live together haha :P Im happy to hear things with Riley are good, I love him :P I wanna see a picture of this Chloe girl! Whats up with that??

 Ah man stinks... I thought for sure Melody would've won that crap.The Judges were probaly payed... Anywho.. Momma my companion and I are putting in mad work here, I love him he's so cool. We just eat a ton of food, and proselyte, and baptize without end... its all I know. Baptism. I hope for more baptisms soon, we have a goal as a zone for 24 baptisms and I need to carry my part of  the load, also, if we reach that goal, we get to eat Brazilian BBQ!! Oohh man Im excited for that, here BBQ is called Churrasco, but the rr makes a h sound.

Momma I love you and Im super excited to skype you on christmas, also, Im in the mission choir so I get to travel to lots of areas singing christmas songs so thats super great, I love christmas and hope that I can receive that package before Natal. But anywho, all is well with me, love you and the family more than you know and tchau tchau! :)

-Elder Worthen

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